Our Story


 Our Story

In 2019, after witnessing the shortcomings of big corporate healthcare, I wanted to create an environment where patients and staff feel like they matter. After months of laying the foundation for a healthcare business that would provide a more personal touch, AVS was created. My partner, Dr. Hadi Shalhoub (General and Vascular Surgeon), and my son Jad Shalhoub (President and Founder of CareFlo), were brought in as co-owners. The three of us ventured into establishing AVS which opened its doors in April 2020 at the height of the
pandemic. AVS has since overcome, grown, and expanded exponentially. 



Put the “Health” and "Care" back into HealthCare.

We want to make our patients and staff our top priorities. We believe that a better healthcare environment can only be achieved
through personalized attention, in-house services, and state-of-the-art resources. We strive to create a fair and supportive environment where employees can come to us with their concerns. Helping everyone feel seen and heard is at the core of our mission.
The AVS team is strongly committed to serving the community and providing a healthcare
experience that is grounded in compassion and care.

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