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Spider veins create a web-like design that affects the appearance of your skin. Many people consider their spider veins a cosmetic issue, however, these visible veins may also be a sign of venous insufficiency. Hadi Shalhoub, DO, FACOS, Jennifer Lang, PA-C, and the team at Advanced Vascular Solutions offer innovative treatments for spider veins, whether your concerns are cosmetic or medical. Call the office in Sebastian, Florida, or book an appointment online today to discuss treatment options for your spider veins.

Spider Veins Q & A

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small, visible veins that create a web-like design on your skin. These veins may be red, blue, or purple in color. They may appear anywhere on your body, but they most often affect the skin on the face or legs.

Dilation of the veins causes them to appear. 

When should I seek medical care for my spider veins?

You should seek medical care for your spider veins if you don’t like how they look or if your spider veins cause uncomfortable symptoms. 

The team at Advanced Vascular Solutions provides treatment for cosmetic spider veins, as well as spider veins that develop from an underlying circulation problem.

When you come in for an evaluation, the team conducts a thorough exam to fully understand the root cause of your visible veins. During your exam, they review your concerns, symptoms, and medical history.

If you have spider veins on your legs, the team may conduct an in-house ultrasound to assess circulation. Your spider veins may be a sign of venous insufficiency, which is a circulation problem that may affect blood flow in your legs. 

Venous insufficiency is a chronic and progressive condition. An early diagnosis and treatment may improve circulation and prevent health complications such as nonhealing leg ulcers. 

How are spider veins treated?

Advanced Vascular Solutions offers treatments for cosmetic and medical spider veins. For cosmetic spider veins, the practice offers cash pay treatment options. If your spider veins are a symptom of an underlying medical issue, insurance may cover the cost of treatment. 

Treatment for your spider veins may include:


During sclerotherapy, your provider at Advanced Vascular Solutions injects a special chemical into your visible spider vein. The chemical irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse and close. 

Your body reroutes blood through a healthy vein and your spider vein disappears over time. 

The team may treat multiple spider veins at one visit. However, you may need more than one session to get the best results. 

Call Advanced Vascular Solutions or book an appointment online today to discuss treatment options for your spider veins.